Journal de recherche en oncologie moléculaire


The Physical manifestations of chronic stress in the medical student population of Georgia

Gayathri Pramil Menon* , Aarsha Aji, Niveditha Selvakumar, Rohit Vassan, Maduri Balasubramanian* , Ranjan Tejas Venkanna

Medical students experience stress due to their daily routines which tend to be responsible for higher burnout rates. The mental stress experienced by these students manifests itself in various physical situations as a result they might acquire various coping strategies with positive and negative outcomes. A survey was designed and circulated among the medical students of TSMU, Georgia with a set of questions to collect data related to the subject. The purpose of this study is to observe the various physical manifestations of stress in preclinical and clinical year medical students from Tbilisi State Medical University. Multiple factors like age, year of study, prior medical conditions, etc were considered to understand how physical manifestations exhibit themselves and how the different levels of stress worsen them. This study proves the prevalence of various physical manifestations of stress among medical students. The highest percentage was reported among the age group of 22 with female students being more affected. Increased stress was also experienced by first-year students due to adaptability issues.