Journal d'imagerie biomédicale et de bio-ingénierie


Colloid Vibration Potential Imaging for Medicine.

Fria Hossein, Mi Wang

Colloid vibration potential Imaging (CVPI) refers to the signal generated from the vibration of nanoparticles or ions in electrolyte (or tissue), which has a fundamental difference from the conventional ultrasound reflection detection (URD) based imaging technology. In this paper we demonstrate the super capability of CVP signal (or as one dimensional imaging) over the conventional ultrasound imaging. Pork meats were selected and examined with our current CVP instrumentations, and also the conventional ultrasound reflection detection (URD) (Panametrics 5072PR). The additional signatures of CVP measured within the sample/pork reveals the specific physiochemical structures of tissue which the conventional ultrasound technique cannot see. The results, with pervious findings, further support the potential of CVP for providing new and/or complementary knowledge for medicine diagnose and research.