Journal de chirurgie orthopédique et de réadaptation


A Seven-Year Retrospective Outcome Study of a Medial Extensile Surgical Tarsal 5 Tunnel Release in the Treatment of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Brian Loder*1, Andrew Mastay1, Katherine Morrison1, Steven Goldstein1, Geoffrey Seidel2

This study aims to analyze the clinical results of using a medial extensile surgical approach for decompression of the tibial nerve, including its distal medial and lateral branches, to treat tarsal tunnel syndrome. These structures are the complete flexor retinaculum and the deep fascia of the abductor halluces muscle, including individualized release of the medial and lateral plantar nerve tunnels. Method: This is a retrospective review of 90 surgical releases in 79 patients (19 men and 71 women) with an average age of 50 years compatible with idiopathic tarsal tunnel syndrome, which underwent an extensive medial decompression technique of the proximal and distal tarsal tunnel. Results: Of the 90 released 77 reported outcomes in the75thpercentile or better. There were 17 incidents of infection which resulted in 12 cases of wound dehiscence, which were all successfully managed. Conclusion: The extensile approach to tarsal tunnel release offers successful outcomes for the treatment of tarsal tunnel syndrome with low reoccurrence rates.