Journal du cerveau et de la neurologie


A new technique for additional support point to improve the stability of Pedicle Screw Systems

Togrul Caliliov

Statement of the Problem: The aim of this study is description of a new technique to prevent PS loosening and demonstration of application. Results Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: Pedicle screw (PS) fixation for spine arthrodesis is a useful procedure for the treatment of spinal disorders. However, instrument failure often occurs, and PS loosening is the initial step of a range of complications. In order to prevent PS loosening, the author offers to open a hole in the middle of spinous process of vertebra and pass a cross link which connects rods with each other through that hole. The paper provides explanation of an operating technique, clinical impressions in the early and late postoperative period and any technical problems that may occur. Findings: The technique we propose has been applied for two years to 24 patients with idiopathic scoliosis, 4 patients with vertebral fracture and 4 patients with lumbar stenosis, all aged between 13 and 65.