Journal du cerveau et de la neurologie


10th International Conference on Central Nervous System

Paul Wright

Following on from the success of the 9th International Conference on Central Nervous System, which was attended by professionals worldwide, we are well pleased to announce the return of the professionals for attending our next series 10th International Conference Central Nervous Dubai, Webinar, on February 05-06, 2021.  CNS 2021 Conference will continues to showcase the most disorders of nervous system.

The participants of 2021 Conference will have the opportunity to learn with the other fellow partners about the future opportunities and challenges in CNS, participate in interactive to improve their leadership effectiveness; can network with CNS partners across all and career stages and can share, discuss solutions to improve CNS provision in their workstation.

The Conference had an effective echo of talks over the theme “Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of CNS Disorders”

CNS 2021 global meeting is a scientific platform that aims to accomplish the perception through interdisciplinary engagement of scientists, academics, researchers, educators and Central Nervous System professionals to explore the system-wide challenges of worldwide health. The conference aim is to bring together leading medical practitioners, academic researchers and industry leaders from various countries to share their experiences in their ongoing careers.

This international scientific colloquy also encourages the active participation of seed stage researchers, young students, as we are hosting, student presentation award competition, Poster Award Competition and Young research Forum at the meeting. The scientific sessions which are about to be explored at Central Nervous System 2021 Conference are Clinical Trials, Central Nervous System, Spine Surgery and Spinal Disorders, Neurodegenerative Disease, Neurosurgery and Neuronal Disorders.

Central Nervous System 2021 mainly focuses on the wellbeing of people. Join us to explore your views and thoughts in Central Nervous System. Event information will be available at  For queries and participation email to Program manager through or Phone @ +442037691755